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Cambridge South: a new station in the south of Cambridge

Started 20 January 2020 00:00 — Ended 02 March 2020 23:59

Started 20 January 2020 00:00 Ended 02 March 2020 23:59
Status: Closed


Network Rail is developing plans for a new station in the vicinity of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus to improve connectivity in Cambridgeshire and beyond.


Cambridge City Council is delivering 14,000 new homes between 2011 and 2031. The Cambridge Local Plan 2018 identifies the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (including Addenbrooke’s Hospital) and the Cambridge Southern Fringe as an area of major change in Cambridge.

The Royal Papworth Hospital relocated to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus in 2019 and AstraZeneca’s new strategic Research and Development centre will open in 2020.

The Cambridge Biomedical Campus is an internationally significant health and life sciences cluster and is expected to accommodate 27,000 jobs by 2031.

The Cambridge Southern Fringe is a proposed new neighbourhood and targeted for substantial growth in housing; over 2,700 new homes are now occupied. This urban growth is needed to meet the high demand for housing and to support the local economy.

Proposed location of a new station south of Cambridge


The need

The new station would improve access to the rail network for staff, patients and visitors to Addenbrooke’s and Royal Papworth hospitals, and meet new and future demand from housing opportunities throughout the Cambridge Southern Fringe.

Improving rail access to the area would also serve the growth of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus and is vital in helping it stay both nationally and globally competitive by attracting skilled workers from a wide catchment area.

The benefits

The new station would connect Addenbrooke’s and Royal Papworth hospitals and the Cambridge Biomedical Campus to potential destinations such as central London, London Stansted Airport, Ely, Birmingham and Europe.

The station would also promote access to a growing area of high-quality employment.

The station could also help relieve congestion in the local area and support the development of environmentally sustainable transport in Cambridge

Train services

The station

The station would have:

  • Four platforms with step-free access via a footbridge and lifts

  • Platforms with seating and shelter for waiting passengers

  • A ticket office and ticket machines, along with automatic ticket gates

  • Taxi and passenger drop off facilities

  • Facilities such as a retail/catering unit, a waiting room and toilets

  • Blue badge parking

  • Cycle parking

Station location options

Option and access maps




The main construction works would involve:

  • Construction of a station concourse, platforms, footbridge and access

  • A proposed temporary main construction compound located to the west of the station site

  • Smaller construction compounds

  • Works to track and bridges

The local road network would be used to transport construction materials, however transport via the existing railway is also being considered.

Code of Construction Practice

To reduce the effects of construction on communities and the environment, a Code of Construction Practice would be prepared. This would set out how impacts during construction would be monitored, controlled and managed.

Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO)

The proposals require approval under the Transport and Works Act 1992 to build, operat and maintain the new station. Should the project progress to the next stage, Network Rail plans to submit a draft TWAO in 2021 for approval by the Secretary of State.

We are seeking your views on the proposals now so that your feedback can be taken into account as the scheme develops.

There will be further opportunities to comment on the proposals; and also once the draft TWAO has been submitted.

The Environment

We would carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment which would look at the likely effects of the proposals on the natural and physical environment and the relationship of people with that environment. It would include measures to avoid, reduce or mitigate potential significant impacts. The assessment would be reported in an Environmental Statement which would be submitted with the draft TWAO.

Proposed project timeline


How to have your say

We are seeking your views on the proposals now so that your feedback can be taken into account as the scheme develops.

There will be further opportunities to comment on the proposals next year, and also once the Transport and Works Act Order application has been submitted.

You can submit your feedback in a number of ways:

Fill out the questionnaire online.