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Lady Anne Level Crossing

Started 29 May 2020 00:00 — Ended 18 June 2020 23:59

Started 29 May 2020 00:00 Ended 18 June 2020 23:59
Status: Closed


We are conducting a feasibility study to examine the option to close Lady Anne level crossing and Batley signal box by the end of 2022, subject to funding. This study is being carried to enable major railway improvements between Dewsbury and Leeds as part of the Transpennine Upgrade – such as faster, more frequent and more reliable trains - which the continued use of Lady Anne level crossing would restrict.

By potentially closing the level crossing this would also help meet Network Rail safety objectives to reduce risk to passengers, staff and members of the public by eventually closing all crossings.

Our monitoring shows that over 100 pedestrians use Lady Anne level crossing each day and we understand it is vital to maintain pedestrian access across the railway if the crossing is closed. This would most likely be in the form of a footbridge, and a questionnaire has been shared with local residents and community groups, whose input and feedback we would welcome. 

As our investigations progress and plans are developed we are committed to keeping you updated.

Footbridge design plans

We are at early stages of developing designs for a potential new footbridge, however we would like to share with you two potential options. It is important to note that no decision has yet been taken on which design to adopt and that they are subject to change and further development.