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Network Rail Oxfordshire Level Crossings

Started 05 June 2023 00:00 — Ended 17 July 2023 23:59

Started 05 June 2023 00:00 Ended 17 July 2023 23:59
Status: Closed

The Oxfordshire Level Crossings project is a sub-phase of Oxfordshire Connect, a joint strategy to transform the railway across Oxfordshire and beyond, increasing capacity and journey flexibility between Birmingham and Oxford. 

The Oxfordshire corridor is a key freight route from the port of Southampton to the Midlands and the north. Increasing demand for rail freight services means more train paths are required, which would increase the risk at two level crossings along the route at Sandy Lane and Yarnton Lane.

Therefore, to reduce level crossing risk, improve safety and reduce instances of misuse, these level crossings need to be closed. Additionally, Network Rail need to implement a permanent solution at Tackley level crossing, which was closed under emergency measures in 2020. 

In order to secure land required for the alternative solutions proposed, Network Rail may need to submit an application for a Transport and Works Act Order to the Secretary of State.